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Established in 1942, R & A CPAs is one of Tucson’s original full service public accounting firms and has been providing Southern Arizona with expertise in business and accounting support for over 70 years! Read More »

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Many of R & A’s original clients continue to work with us after decades of service and commitment to their success. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of proactive and comprehensive services that will meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the community.

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Simply put, our partners are dedicated to providing the highest value while meeting the goals of our clients.

Their education and expertise allow them to craft the best possible solutions to a variety of opportunities and challenges. We optimize our efficiencies through combined experience, continuing education and strategic alliances.

Rooted in the Tucson community, our partners and staff are familiar with the growing and shifting business environment, the economic impact of government and the multi-state and country challenges for those located in the Southwest.

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